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Indah Dewi Pertiwi premieres “Tentang Aku dan Dia” MV

The poor man’s Agnes Monica, Indah Dewi Pertiwi, has released the official music video for “Tentang Aku dan Dia”.

Tentang Aku dan Dia is the third single lifted from her second album, Teman Ter-Indah. Unlike the previously released single, the crime-against-humanity “Gerakkan Badanmu”, “Tentang Aku” is her typical boring ballad with her average singing voice and safe vocal production that won’t make her struggle during live performances. In other words, it’s just another IDP trying to be the new Agnes Monica yet keep being uninnovative and lazy.

Everything about her in this era has been a mess! The awful single choice followed by another awful single, the tacky cover above, the over-the-top fashion, everything seems rushed and pushed. Her first album cover was edgy and fierce, and her singles were enjoyable enough, “Hipnotis" was my guilty pleasure! The only thing that saves her now is probably the music videos, they were made very well and in high qualities.

The music video for “Tentang Aku” was done in an arty way, as IDP looked very gorgeous when she was in the air and the girls around her throwed fists full of glitters in the air. The intimate male and female dancers thing is kinda cool too, it fits the dramatic feeling from the song well. And did I mention how gorgeous the scene when she was at the top of that rock with red ball gowns is? The scene, not her.

Overall, it’s another good video for another bad song. Such a waste of money.

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